Slot Overview: Dragon Blox

In Peter & Sons’ Dragonblox slot, gamers can try their hand at stealing gold from a dozing dragon. If the name seems vaguely familiar, that’s because Dragonblox is the younger sister to Monster Blox. What this means is that Yggdrasil Gaming’s Gigablox technology will be used in a slot machine with a fantasy theme developed by their joint studio. Aside from these two key distinctions, Dragonblox’s features—including the Monster Jackpot with lock’n blox and free spins—set it apart from the competition.

The graphics have also been updated, taking the player to a dungeon-like setting where a red dragon slumbers atop a mountain of sparkling golden items. The snake also winds its way around Dragonblox’s playing field, which consists of 6 columns with 6 symbols each and 50 paylines. However, because to the Gigablox nature of the game, the reels can combine to form larger blocks of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 squares in size. When determining payouts, Gigablox symbols are decomposed into the sum of their component 1×1 sized symbols. Overall, Dragonblox depicts an exciting fantasy setting; it’s not quite as original as Monster Blox was owing to the overused trope of a dragon protecting a treasure trove, but Peter & Sons has pulled it off in their own distinctive way.

Like a hobbit searching through a pile of coins, we go deep into the game’s underbelly and find a mathematical model that’s extremely volatile with a theoretical return value of 95.9 percent. Bets on Dragonblox range from 50 pence to £/€50 per spin and may be placed on any device from a tablet to a desktop computer to a mobile phone. When the Golden Bet is activated, the wager is multiplied by 1.5, and both the probability of landing Gigablox symbols and the possibility of activating the bonus rounds are amplified.

There are 50 possible paylines across the panel, activated when identical symbols appear in adjacent reels starting on the left. Clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds, and stars make up the lower value symbols, paying off between 0.4 and 0.6 times the wager for six of a type, while archers, knights, wizards, a hobbit-like creature with a ring, and a warrior make up the higher value symbols. For six of a kind, the higher-paying symbols return between 1.2 and 4 times the wager. The value of a combination of six identical wilds is equal to four times the wager.

Featured in DragonBlox Slots

Dragonblox’s Monster Jackpot bonus is a streak respin/hold & win style round, while the Monster Free Spins bonus is unusual for a Peter & Sons game.

Huge Payout

The Monster Jackpot bonus is activated by landing six or more lock’n blox symbols. Tokens either land on vacant areas or lock’n blox in this game. When triggered, the lock’n blox symbols stay in place for 3 respin attempts. When a new sign appears, the number returns to 3, and the symbol stays put. Larger blocks can be formed by connecting neighboring lock’n blox symbols. Once all available spins have been used up or the panel is full, all visible lock’n blox symbols will pay out in accordance with their size.

Frequent Bonus Turns

At least six of the free spins symbols must appear in order to activate this feature. Gigablox symbols are more likely to appear during free spins, and you’ll win an additional free game if a scatter symbol appears. The Monster Jackpot bonus is unlocked when 6 or more lock’n blox icons appear.

Spend Money on a Bonus

If the Monster Free Spins or Monster Jackpot bonus features are for sale, players can choose to get anything from five to twenty free spins.

Draconic Slot Machine Review

Overall, Dragonblox produced a fun show without achieving anything truly spectacular. Monster Blox is only one example of Peter & Sons’ expertise in developing immersive fantasy worlds for gamers. If you’re looking for anything similarly captivating, Dragonblox isn’t it. There is nothing here that would make someone uncomfortable or hurt to see, but the idea of robbing a dragon’s treasure isn’t exactly the most original hook. That is, the notion is widespread in the realm of pop culture but somewhat uncommon in the realm of online slots; yet, Peter & Sons have created a visually appealing slot based on the concept.

In all honesty, the same can be said of the gameplay. Simply put, there isn’t much of note here in far of innovative features. The Monster Jackpot is an uncomplicated hold ‘n win bonus round with an added bonus of increasing payouts as more symbols combine to form larger patterns. The free spins bonus accomplishes the same thing as the regular game, with the exception of giving you a slightly better chance of getting Gigablox symbols, as stated in the rules. It’s possible that Peter & Sons is better known for its quirky videos than for its mechanical creations, and Dragonblox probably won’t change that. In fact, the reverse is true.

I didn’t want to sound too harsh; Dragonblox was a fun game overall, even if it wasn’t must-play material. Similar to our impressions of Peter & Sons’ last game, Dungeon Tower, this one has a distinct visual style that isn’t as recognizable as the art in Monster Blox, Hammer of Gods, or Xibalba. Good to hear; Dragonblox has a nice aesthetic, and games need not all look the same. Overall, it’s a solid production, but I can’t help but think Peter & Sons could’ve done more to promote Dragonblox.

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